Tuesday, February 28, 2017

And so, it begins....

Here I am.

I'm starting a blog, and I'm staring at a blank piece of paper, not knowing where to begin my writing. Well, it's not really a piece of paper, but a picture of one on a computer screen :-) , but the idea is the same.... I don't know where to begin my writing. I have many thoughts swirling around in my head, and all the thoughts collide and bounce off each other and bounce around in my head, and I wish that I could just dump them all out and have them magically appear in nice neat logical sentences that say everything that I want to say and make sense to everyone who reads them.

But that's not the way things work, obviously.  :-P

All my life, writing has been difficult for me. I have muddled though writing assignments given to me by teachers, I have agonized over essay questions, I have toiled over letters or emails or job applications or notes on greeting cards...everything. EV-ER-Y-THING. Writing has always been such a chore! So why on earth am I starting a writing blog? Why am I staring at a blank paper (so to speak) and torturing myself in this way?

Because, it's NOT torture. It's a new adventure, a journey into making writing fun. Yes, I said FUN.  :-)  It started a few months ago, when I saw that a writing class was being offered (Thanks, Cathy M. and Julie J.! Notice that I'm making the assumption that you will at some point be reading this, haha!) and I surprised myself by deciding to sign up. Whaaat? I had avoided writing as much as possible for much of my life, and here I was signing up to take a writing class! Wow, was I going crazy?

No, I was not going crazy. Well, not any more than usual.  :-P 

It was at that first writing session that I realized that almost all of the writing that I had done in my entire life was done because I was required to. And I was tired of that, quite frankly. Why shouldn't I take control of my writing and have it be enjoyable? Why shouldn't I learn how to write so that it would be fun? I decided to give it a try!  :-)

So there I was for the next few months...taking baby steps and trying to learn more about writing and trying to have fun...and I was actually starting to gain some confidence in my ability to write! Cool. :-)

And here I am now. Now, thanks to a little nudge from Cathy, I suddenly find myself about to embark on a new journey. I've just started a blog...voluntarily!... and I'll be taking part in the Slice of Life Writing Challenge...also voluntarily!...during the month of March! I will be publishing my writing for the world to read.  :-o Voluntarily!

Holey moley.

I'm not in Kansas any more, Toto. No more baby steps; it's time to plunge right in. And plunge right in is what I intend to do....Voluntarily, I might add.  :-)

And so, it begins....


JudyK   February 27, 2017