Tuesday, April 30, 2019

SOL Tuesday -- Springtime Trees

Slice of Life Tuesday -- April 30, 2019
"Springtime Trees"

Descriptions, in the form of poetry, for my sister Cathy ~

Springtime Trees

The trees bloom....
Whispers of pink petals
And explosions of white,
Small, beautiful, and bountiful,
Grace the trees 
To show that spring has arrived.

Green leaves unfold.... 
Light spring green 
And bold kelly green,
Fresh and new,
Adorn the branches.

Pink, white, and green
Are showcased splendidly,
Reminding us
Of the beauty of spring,
And of promises 
Of what is to come.

JudyK April 30, 2019


  1. Your words paint a lovely spring picture. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Thank you, Tracy! I was attempting to paint a picture for my sister, because spring hasn't quite arrived yet where she lives. I hope I did a semi-decent job of it. ~JudyK :-)

  3. "Pink, white, and green
    Are showcased splendidly,"
    I totally agree and I love the stanza dedicated to the shades of green during this season. It's a bountiful and full of grace time of the year and you've captured it in your poem.


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