Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SOLSC Day 1 -- It was almost time!

Slice of Life Story Challenge -- Day 1  #SOL17

Note: This is my very first slice, a memory of a moment from long ago.  :-)  I hope that it's enjoyable to read.


I looked at the clock again. It was almost time! Oooooh, it was so exciting. My heart began to beat a little faster, my breaths came a little quicker. I had to keep a close eye on the clock now....I didn't want to miss the exact moment.

What was my teacher saying? Oh yes, open my geography book to page 132. Got it. Okay, careful now. Don't let Mrs. Hess catch me glancing at the clock. Pay attention to Mrs. Hess. Read pages 132 and 133 to myself. Okay, got it. But what time is it? I can't miss that moment! Pay attention to my classwork, but don't forget about the time. Whew, this is quite the balancing act. The Great Lakes region is.... what time is it? 2:07. Ooooh, only six more minutes now....

Lake Erie...Lake Superior...Ohio... it's 2:10! Augh! Don't get too involved in the reading and miss my special moment! Look at the clock again. 2:11. 

My 4th grade classroom at SJL Grade School was quiet; you could hear the proverbial pin drop. Row after row of desks, neatly arranged in long rows from the front to the back of the classroom, filled the classroom.Thirty-some other 4th grade students were sitting at their desks, dutifully reading their geography books. I took a quick look at Mrs. Hess; she was sitting behind her desk in the front of the room, and she was reading also.

Good, she's reading! She won't notice if I watch the clock all the time now. It's 2:12....almost time. I watched the second hand moving, making tiny jumps as each second ticked off. It was getting closer, closer....The smile on my face grew with each passing second.

5...4...3...2...1... There it is! It's 2:13 PM on February 26! 

 I beamed with pride. I'm EXACTLY ten years old now!

JudyK March 1, 2017


  1. I loved teaching 4th grade for this very reason. There is something special about become a person of double digits. A well told story.

  2. Don't forget to post your link on the TWT site:

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I did post finally, this afternoon. I couldn't get into the site this morning! Not sure why....

  3. Wow.. I really love the second by second thoughts of a young girl in geography class. They talk about being in the moment and you certainly did that. I felt like I was right there with you. Lovely.

  4. I found myself racing to the end to learn about the surprise of this day. What a wonderful memory! This story makes me realize how many things kids think about as they sit in our classrooms that we don't know about. I had to smile as you tried to keep paying attention through all of the excitement. Oh, to be ten.

    I'm so excited to see you are joining the Slice of Life conversation. I think you will enjoy this community. Good luck! We'll have to cheer each other on through the hard parts.


  5. My own twins turn 10 this year and it feels like such a big deal. I remember turning 10 and it's amazing watching them now. I love how you capture that excitement and awareness that comes with being a 4th grader.

  6. Judy, As I read your piece, my excitement grew as I wondered what the surprise was going to be. Double digits is a big deal! Welcome to Slice of will be fun writing with you this month.


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