Saturday, March 11, 2017

SOLSC Day 11 - "Old Man Winter"

Slice of Life Story Challenge --
Day 11  #SOL17 
"Old Man Winter"    

It's March in Ohio. Spring will officially arrive in nine days. But just a couple of days ago, the beautiful spring-like weather which we were enjoying disappeared overnight. Harsh winds blew in a spattering of snow and below-freezing temperatures. Crocuses tightly closed up their almost-ready-to-open blooms. People once again bundled up in their winter coats, hats, and gloves. On the local TV station, the weather person reported that Old Man Winter wasn't finished with us yet. 

It wasn't really a surprise to anyone, since weather in Ohio is unpredictable and can change on a dime. And March is one of those transitional months anyway, when Winter and Spring constantly battle over who has control. The temperatures go up and down like a roller coaster for most of the month, and sometimes most of April, too, until Spring ultimately wins the war. But this most recent return of Winter was a disappointment anyway, for those of us who were enjoying the preview of beautiful Spring weather.

This morning I was thinking about the phrase that the weather person had used: "Old Man Winter." I've heard the phrase many, many times throughout my life, of course. It isn't exactly a phrase that people like to hear to describe their weather; the phrase has a very unpleasant connotation. As I thought more and more about the phrase, I wondered who had coined it, and why. Yes, many people don't like Winter weather, which can be bitter and bleak, treacherous and wearisome. But who was it that decided that Winter was an old man?

Considering the fact that so many people dislike winter....Isn't that a terrible insult to old men?

JudyK  March 11, 2017


  1. Seems the "old man" has overstayed his visit this year . . .

  2. I am more than ready to see this Old Man go. I long for some warmth and sunshine.

  3. Old Man Winter is playing tricks here in northern NH too. Maybe "Old Man" because he begins at the end of the year... or are they referring to the jokes old men like to play???

  4. I never thought about that phrase in that way before. You bring up some interesting ideas. I actually used that phrase to end my poem yesterday - Old Man Winter has not yet left the building.

  5. I've never really thought about that phrase, either! I wonder if someone tired of winter dubbed it an Old Man because when winter overstays its welcome, it's like that curmudgeonly relative who needs to head on home!
    Empathy from us here in Chicago, who are apparently gearing up for a 1/2 foot of snow on Monday.

  6. I remember when all hurricanes were named after women! Hope those crocus can open up again soon.


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