Saturday, March 25, 2017

SOLSC Day 25 - Revelations

Slice of Life Story Challenge --
Day 25 #SOL17

I began a writing class last Fall, and one of the questions I was asked recently is....How have I changed as a writer?

Hmmmmm, how have I changed as a writer? HAVE I changed?

You bet, I've changed! There are three ways in which I've changed that come immediately to mind.

First of all, and maybe most importantly, I am writing just because I want to! Not because a teacher gave me an assignment, not because I'm filling out an information sheet....but because I want to. Let me stress that:  Because. I. Want. To. I'm hoping to maybe leave little nuggets of my life behind for my grandchildren to read about some day, so that they can get somewhat of an idea of how the world was, as seen through my eyes, when I was living in it. Is that important? I don't know. But what I DO know is that I wish someone had made a written record of the stories that my mom and dad used to tell us kids about their childhoods, their families, and their memories. I don't remember most of the stories now, so they are lost. My thinking now is: If I write down some of my thoughts and stories, maybe someday a grandchild will find them to be interesting.

I guess time will tell on that one, heh heh.

The second way I've changed as a writer is that I'm writing more than I used to... a LOT more. And as I'm writing more, I'm struggling less with the actual writing. My thoughts are coming out onto the paper (or the computer screen) more easily. Practice makes perfect? I don't know about the "perfect" part, but the practicing is definitely helping.

The third way that I've changed as a writer is that I've gone public. In preparation for the Slice of Life writing challenge hosted by the Two Writing Teachers website -- which I decided to participate in -- I started a blog. A PUBLIC blog. The whole world can see whatever I'm writing in my blog. I never would have dreamed that I'd be writing a blog and sharing it with people...not in a million years. But I do have a blog, and I'm writing in it, and I'm sharing my blog posts in the Slice of Life challenge. I'm doing it. Wow.

Those are some pretty big changes in just a few short months. I've really surprised myself with the changes! I've grown a lot as a writer. And I hope to continue growing as a writer, and to continue surprising myself.

For a very long time.

JudyK  March 25, 2017



  1. Isn't it exciting to see the growth in yourself? I suspect that most of us here have been, or are going, through these same realizations. It is like working out, you find muscles you never knew you had and learn that they can do pretty cool things!

  2. I am celebrating your writerly journey - those are three vital milestones. Keep pressing on! You will inspire others as well as yourself.

  3. I love that you are recognizing the learning and growth you are making. It is what it is all about! Congratulations on taking on a writing class and being so bold and brave!

  4. It never feels like we've changed. but then, when you look back, like you have, you can see so much growth. We aren't so different from the kids we teach.

  5. I can feel your excitement about writing, and it's neat to read your stories, current and past. Hooray for your writing class and your personal growth!

  6. Thank you for being brave and going public! I also think it's really smart to record your family stories and reflect on your journey as a writer!

  7. This list shows how self aware you are about your writing. I too can sense your excitement and happiness reading this post. I wonder how I would answer this question.


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