Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SOLSC Day 14 - A Pi Day Poem About Friendship

Slice of Life Story Challenge --
Day 14  #SOL17 - A Pi Day Poem About Friendship

We got a bit of snow here in central Ohio last night/today, but just a bit. Not enough for a snow day, of course, so the count for snow days in my school district for this school year is still holding at zero. And I'm not holding my breath that we have one at all.

I did, however, have the day off school today. Not because of snow, but because I'm sick. So, it hasn't been a really great day, and I haven't done any writing. But I plan to change that right now. 

Just a little fun, in honor of Pi Day:

A Pi Day Poem About Friendship
Three friends, living far from on another, made a 
Point to get together
One weekend a year.
Four times they did that, until
One year, they didn't.
Five more years went by, and then it was 
Nine. Their friendship remained steady, though, because friendship transcends distance...
And time. Friendship goes

JudyK   March 14, 2017


  1. I thought there was going to be pie, I wasn't expecting infinity. This is beautiful. I hope you send it to them today.

  2. This is so fun! I forgot all about Pi day today.


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