Monday, March 20, 2017

SOLSC Day 20 - Co-authoring poems with a granddaughter

Slice of Life Story Challenge --
 Day 20  #SOL17
Co-authoring poems...with a granddaughter!

My 11-year-old granddaughter and I had some quiet time together this afternoon, and after we had played a few games of Hangman, we were looking for something else to do. I suggested that we write some poetry together. (Note: The scenario of writing poetry with a grandchild, just for fun, is not something that would have ever occurred to me before this Slice of Life challenge came along into my life. Ever ever ever. Haha!)  I thought writing something together with L might be fun...and to my surprise, she agreed! 

So, we started out by reviewing what she knew about poetry. (I just can't quite ever turn off the teacher in me....) As it turned out, L knew a little something about haiku, so we decided to go with that form. We decided on our theme of nature, and picked Oak Trees for our first poem. We discussed possible words and phrases that pertained to oak trees, started counting syllables, and created a poem which we were both proud of. 

We decided then to write a second haiku called The Creek. That one was inspired by an outing to a nearby metro park last month during a period of some abnormally warm weather. Again, we brainstormed some words and phrases to help us write the poem.

Our planning ^

After that, at L's suggestion, we each drew an illustration to go with one of the poems. I think that she was enjoying the entire activity as much as I was! Who would have thought that co-authoring a couple of poems with a grandchild could be such an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon?

And now, without further ado....
            our creations:

Oak Trees
Green leaves, strong rough bark...
The soft wind makes the leaves shake.
Old acorns fall down.

The Creek
Rushing cool water
Small splashes; smells like warm earth
Soft wet muddy bank

                                                      ( ^ The small splashes, by the way, are the 
sticks and rocks being tossed into the creek
 by the grandkids, their cousins, and friends)


(These pics are from our outing to "the creek" 2-20-17)  :-)


JudyK   March 20, 2017


  1. Thank you for including the context (and photos) behind each piece. I love how this makes "writing from sources" a natural part of the writing process.

    1. Thank you, Morgan! Thanks for stopping by to read and to comment! ~JudyK

  2. I love seeing how you worked with your granddaughter. The photos of your process and your location made it all the better.

    1. Thanks, Adrienne! I appreciate your thoughts! :-) ~JudyK

  3. I want to try this with my granddaughter. Your results are really good. My favorite is Oak Trees


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