Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SOLSC Day 15 - Proud to Be a Pantser!

Slice of Life Story Challenge --Day 15  #SOL17
Proud to Be a Pantser

I am a person who is writing by the seat of her pants -- I am a Pantser!

Today's writing is inspired by the "Pantser" badge given out by the Two Writing Teachers website today, in the midst of their March Slice of Life Story Challenge. I've been taking part in that challenge, writing in my blog and posting on the TWT site every day during the month of March, and I have surprised myself over and over again during this writing challenge. I have changed so much as a writer since last Fall (I'll talk more about that in a future blog entry), and becoming a Pantser is one of them. Never in a million years did I think I'd have the ability -- or the confidence -- to be a Pantser. 

I started out the Slice of Life Challenge as a Planner, actually. But within a few days, as I found myself with less time but still wanting to write a daily slice, I had to just go for it. I had to start writing by the seat of my pants more and more. It meant abandoning all (well, most of) my writing habits. It meant that I had to ignore self-preservation instincts about embarrassing myself by writing on the fly. It meant that I had to just do it. And I did, and I still am.

And I have to admit....I'm quite proud of myself for being a Pantser.

Cheers to all the Pantsers everywhere!

JudyK  March 15, 2017
Many thanks to the Two Writing Teachers website for hosting the March Slice of Life writing challenge!


  1. Love this! I think I am in your camp. I do plan, but then I get other ideas... Yay for you for celebrating pantsers!

  2. I do plan but sometimes just write. It's not as scary as I thought it would be. The encouragement f others really helps.

  3. I am also a Pantser. That's not to say I don;t think aboutwhat I'm going to write, but there is no plan for days ahead. I sit down and then something flows out of my head and into my fingers.

  4. This is a life-changing experience! This is my 4th year and I love it more every year! Congratulations, Pantser!

  5. I didn't know it was a thing, but I am definitely a "Pantser" as well!!

  6. Let's hear it for the PANTSERs! Woo hoo! Unbridled writing by the seat of our pants.

  7. It's funny because when I plan a post, it seems I don't feel like writing about that topic that day, but may pick up on it another day. It's kind of the way I do my menu planning... plan, don't feel like it that night... but will have it another night!

  8. Ha! I'm always a pantser. However, I have had a hard time keeping up this year. I had to laugh when I saw the badges pop up on the TWT site. I see you are still going strong. Way to go!!!!

  9. Here, here! I have a list of ideas (somewhere) and thought I would be one of those "write a day ahead" people, but that hasn't happened yet!


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