Friday, March 24, 2017

SOLSC Day 24 - 24 Things I Like About Words

Slice of Life Story Challenge --
Day 24  #SOL17
24 Things I Like About Words

Because it's the 24th day of the Slice of Life challenge, here are 24 things that I like about words:

1. They can sound fun....didgeridoo, dabble, banana
2. They can sound soft....fluffy, hush, ginger
3. They can be silly....dippy-doodle
4. They can be quiet....whisper, feather
5. They can be happy....chirpy
6. They can sound calm....peace, sleepy
7. They can be spelled in so many ways, with many different, fascinating patterns.
8. They can be sad....mournful
9. They can be energetic....spirited, dynamic
10. They can sound tired....droopy, drained
11. They can be satisfied....contented
12. They can sound strong....robust, destroy, incontrovertibly
13. They can be taken apart and analyzed.
14. They can express a million thoughts.
15. They can sound hungry....ravenous
16. They can be angry....enraged
17. They can be dark....murky
18. They can be beautiful....exquisite, delicate
19. They can be bright....shimmering, luminous
20. They fall off the tongue in interesting ways.
21. They can sound funny....jolly, knee-slapping, doodling
22. They can be joyful....jubilant, merry
23. They have many thought-provoking meanings.
24. They just flow naturally. There is no stopping them.

JudyK  March 24, 2017


  1. I really like your slice about words. You chose some excellent words to punctuate your points. You put these words together and they make a poem all on their own!

  2. What a fun way to share some of your favorite words. "Jolly, enraged, dabble" - words with impact.

  3. #24 They just flow naturally. There is no stopping them. Beautiful ending to a some wonderful words.

  4. Such versatility in words. This was a really fun post to read.


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