Sunday, March 4, 2018

SOLSC Day 4 - Currently

Slice Of Life Story Challenge: Day 4 - Currently

Today's writing is inspired by many of the "Currently" Slice of Life stories that I read during the SOL Story Challenge last March. I find them to be so interesting, but never wrote one until now.


Listening: To an episode of Fixer Upper on the TV. it's an episode that recorded a few days ago. I love the work of Chip and Joanna Gaines -- such pretty homes in their final product!

Eating: Nothing at the moment. But a few hours ago I had an Apple Pecan Chicken salad from Wendy's. Oh so good!

Drinking: Water. Good old-fashioned tap water.

Wearing: A black Autism Awareness t-shirt with a bunch of colorful words (strength, hope, acceptance, love...) on the front.

Reading: Many, many Slice of Life Stories on The Two Writing Teachers website. When I have a chance, I'll get back to the book I've been reading on and off for a while now: Hidden Figures, by Margot Lee Shetterly. It was the book that inspired the movie which came out a little over a year ago.

Feeling: Excited about getting a new cell phone earlier this afternoon. It's an inexpensive one, but SO much better than my old broken one. And it works!

Wanting: An extra day for this weekend. I am not ready for Monday morning to come!

Needing: More hours in the day, to get everything done.

Thinking: About what outfit I have that's clean and weather-appropriate that I can wear to school tomorrow. Which reminds me that I need to find out what tomorrow's weather is supposed to be. (The high could be 30 or 60 around here this time of year...You never know!)

Enjoying: These last few quiet hours of Sunday.


JudyK  March 4, 2018


  1. So many relatable things here! I too am wondering about the weather -- I realize I don't have enough transitional pieces. Maybe that's what I 'll slice about! Thanks for reminding me of this great genre!

  2. I may borrow this format soon. Liked the way it gave me a peek into your life on a Sunday night. Enjoy your new cell phone.

  3. I love this "Currently" format. I am also wishing for one extra day...seems to be a familiar want these days. Have a great week!


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