Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SOLSC Day13 - Second Grade Graffiti

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 13 -- Second grade Graffiti


It started out small...


...a few happy notes created by three second grade girls on my whiteboard in my small group room at my morning school.

For the next few mornings, it grew. It included birthday messages and whimsical little drawings...

...until one morning they decided that they were out of space, so they erased and started anew.

"Mr. Fluffy"

On subsequent days, two other students sometimes joined in, as they all wrote and drew, added to, erased and started again...

"I wish I had wings"

...and again...

...and again.

"This is your rainbow", by one of the girls' 1st grade brother

This has been going on, most mornings, for almost four weeks now. I'm wondering how much longer they will visit, write, and draw. Their bright colorful drawings and good wishes help my days start out great. 

Second grade graffiti is the best!


JudyK   March 13, 2018


  1. How SWEET is this slice and all the artwork you are getting!
    We are hosting PARCC testing in our reading resource room - maybe it would be fun to hang paper and let kids go artsy-crazy at the end of the week

  2. Look at all that writing. ;o) What a wonderful way to start each day.

  3. I love it! There's nothing like starting the day with such cheerful messages from young writers. Those pictures made me smile.


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