Monday, March 12, 2018

SOLSC Day12 - He Stole Their Hearts - acrostic poem

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 12


I was watching the last few minutes of American Idol earlier tonight, and saw a contestant who had a considerable effect on the judges' hearts... and my heart, too. I was motivated to write this acrostic poem:

                                            David FrancIsco, his smile lighting up the room
                                           on AmericaN Idol
                                                          had Such a beautiful life story
                                               that Katy Perry cried
                                         and Lionel RItchie gave hugs.
               David's smiling fiance ChRistie
                                                      was stAnding nearby
                                      to give supporT, both emotional and
                physical, as she handed hIm his guitar. 
David sang from his heart, and wOn a spot to continue in the competition
                       and then, using his caNes to aid his steps, walked off triumphantly.

JudyK March 12, 2018

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