Friday, March 9, 2018

SOLSC Day9 - Two Very Important Words

Slice Of Life Story Challenge: Day 9 -- Two Very Important Words 

************ There is a sign that hangs on the wall of my small group room in my morning school. When I put the sign on the wall at the beginning of this school year, I really wanted it to stand out and be noticed. So I gave the sign a large bright background and “framed" it with bulletin board border. 

Why would I want this sign to stand out so much?  Because I want every student who sees it to know that they are important. Regardless of what problems they may have, regardless of their color or age or gender or religion or nationality, they matter. Sometimes children aren't confident enough in themselves to realize that they matter. Sometimes children don't feel enough love or attention from others to realize that they matter. Sometimes, for whatever reason, they just don't know

I want to make sure that everyone who sees this sign knows. (This applies to adults, too, who sometimes need a reminder!) Every human being on this planet is important. Every single life matters.

If you are a person who happens to be feeling down right now, or are questioning your worth, or are feeling unloved...don't let yourself believe those negative feelings! 
Always remember:

Y O U    M A T T E R.

JudyK  March 9, 2018


  1. Such an important message, Judy! I love your reason for the bright background and the frame!


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