Saturday, March 31, 2018

SOLSC Day31 - Thank You, Two Writing Teachers!


Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 31 — Thank You, Two Writing Teachers!

This is the final day of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge for 2018, and I can’t let the month end without saying thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Two Writing Teachers for providing this opportunity for so many people to share their stories and let their voices be heard!

In my 2nd year participating in the March SOLSC challenge, I have learned so much from all my fellow slicers who have taken the time to share their writing talents, as well as read slices and make comments. The TWT writing community is so positive and supportive, and it has been wonderful to connect with so many amazing people! I can’t let the month end, either, without saying THANK YOU to all of you slicers out there!

Last year, 2017, was my first time completing the March challenge, and when it ended I was thrilled beyond belief about the experience. I continued writing off and on with the Tuesday slicers for a couple of months, and then I stopped. I’m not exactly sure why I stopped, but I did, for nine months. Nine long months without writing in my blog. After a while, I even forgot that I had a blog. This year's March SOLSC has reawakened the writing part of myself, and I am resolving right now to not let 2017’s lapse repeat. I intend to continue writing (not every day most likely, but at least now and then...”Joodles, Now and Then”, get it?) in my blog throughout the year. I want to continue learning and experimenting and gaining confidence in my writing. And if anyone reading this blog right now would like to continue visiting my blog occasionally, I will happily, joyously, enthusiastically welcome you!

As for now, I am elated to celebrate another 31 days of noticing, reflecting, writing, revising, reading, commenting, and learning as part of the SOLSC community. It's been a blast!

With peace and love,
JudyK   March 31, 2018


  1. Congratulations, Judy! I did the same thing last year: wrote for 31 days straight, then totally abandoned my blog for months. I am hoping to do better this year, too. Happy writing!

  2. Whew, we did it!!! I have enjoyed stopping by your blog and loved reading your reflection today. It's hard to describe the impact of the event. I always struggle with the Tuesday slicing, but I'm going to try to be better.

    (BTW, I had to laugh at your "now and then" joke. That's perfect. I'm worried that my blog has "day by day" in the title. I should fix that!)

  3. Congratulations, Judy. Glad you were back for this second year. This is truly an amazing community.

  4. Thank you for sharing your writing for the last month! I look forward to reading more in 2018!


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