Friday, March 16, 2018

SOLSC Day16 - Visit From a Leprechaun

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 16 — Visit From a Leprechaun


Leprechaun Haiku
Rainbows, pots of gold,
Leprechauns causing mischief:
Kindergarten fun!

A leprechaun caused quite a bit of excitement in one of the kindergarten classrooms this morning. When I arrived at the room to pick up a student for pull-out tutoring, a bunch of exuberant students rushed to tell me about it.

“Leprechaun, leprechaun!” Bella, who speaks little English, shouted at me.

Other students tried to talk to me all at once and pointed enthusiastically to the trash can by the door. I peered inside and saw many wrappers from snacks.

“A leprechaun was here!” the students were exclaiming. I tried to figure out how the leprechaun and the wrappers were connected, but before I could even begin to understand, the students were pointing to their bathroom and excitedly reporting more leprechaun hijinks.

“He left his hat!” one little voice was calling out.

“In our bathroom!” another proclaimed.

“And he peed in our potty!” Jimmy exclaimed.

“No, Jimmy,” the teacher’s voice interrupted the chaotic conversation, “he did NOT pee in the potty! He just colored the water green.”

I looked at the excited, joy-filled little faces. Whatever that rascally leprechaun had done, it was worth it. 

JudyK  March 16, 2018

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