Thursday, March 15, 2018

SOLSC Day15 - Today's Smiles

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 15 -- Today's Smiles

It's been a busy week! I had a math training all day today, so my brain is a different kind of tired than my usual school day kind of tired. I sat down with my laptop to write, but my tiredness was making it hard to be inspired. So I resolved to reflect on the day and write about the things made me smile today. I did, and now I'm feeling less tired and more happy. Yay!

Things that brought a smile to my face today:

:-) 1. Interesting math training with colleagues

:-) 2. Great conversations with those same colleagues

:-) 3. Lots of sunshine

:-) 4. Eating lunch out at a restaurant

:-) 5. An after-lunch chocolate mint

:-) 6. A warm afternoon

:-) 7. Ohio State winning in round 1 of the NCAA men's basketball tournament

:-) 8. An overdue errand accomplished

:-) 9. Getting home earlier than usual

:-) 10. A laid-back evening at home

:-) 11. My son-in-law taking my car to get gas for me

:-) 12. My dog's wagging tail

:-) 13. My cat snuggling with me

:-) 14. A paycheck in my bank

:-) 15. The fact that Spring Break will soon be here

What things made YOU smile today?

JudyK  March 15, 2018


  1. This post made me smile (and gave me an idea for a future post!). The warm weather and gentle breeze today made me smile. Tomorrow, rain is in the forecast. Thank you for sharing all that made you smile!

  2. My slice was also related to things that made me smile today. I like how you led us into your list. Sounds like a smile filled day.

  3. What a wonderful idea to list the things that made you smile. I can see why making your list made you feel happy and less tired. We can all learn a valuable lesson from that. :)


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