Monday, March 19, 2018

SOLSC Day19 - Seize the Day!

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 19 -- Seize the Day!

Here I am talking about the weather again today. I can't help it! This time of year, we are all SO looking forward to Spring, and we get a beautiful day, or even a few days, here and there, and then Winter comes roaring back, dashing our hopes once again.

I am on Spring Break this week, and tomorrow is the Spring Equinox -- the official beginning of Spring -- so naturally I am hoping for some not-too-cold-and-not-too-yucky weather this week. I got it yesterday and today, with sunshine and temperatures well into the 50's. Yay for that!  But the forecast for the next two days is not very nice....Rain, sleet, and snow are predicted. My crocuses, which just today fully burst open, will most likely close up tight again.

I'm glad I enjoyed the day outdoors today while I had a chance! I hiked a little in a nearby Metro Park, I played in the back yard with the dog, I admired my crocuses, and I sat on my front porch reading....

Prairie Oaks Metro Park



Somebody is on a plane going somewhere....

Look at that brilliant blue sky!

           My crocuses, taking in the sunshine...

so gorgeously purple!

I savored the beauty of the day as much as I could. I really had to, because the memories of those sweet Spring moments will be all I have to get me through the next few days!

JudyK March 19, 2018

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