Friday, March 1, 2019

SOL 2019 -- Day 1 -- Here I Am Again!

Slice Of Life Writing Challenge 2019
Day 1 -- Here I Am Again!

Today, I get back to writing. 

I wasn't going to. I wasn't going to worry about blogging. I wasn't going to stress out over writing. I wasn't going to do the Two Writing Teachers SOL writing challenge at all this year. I had already decided that. My life is just too crazy right now; how could I think about committing myself to a month-long challenge?

But then today came. March 1. The beginning of the writing challenge which I have enjoyed so much for the past two years. And I found myself thinking...what if? What IF I could do it? What IF I could handle all the changes in my life AND still write and read and comment every day? I could at least TRY, couldn't I?

And so, here I am, trying. 

Onward I go!  :-)

JudyK :-)  March 1, 2019


  1. I felt the exact same as you today---I kept watching the calendar, feeling it's draw....and I couldn't stay away!

    I love this line: "And so, here I am, trying." Try we will, and, as you said, onward!

    Happy writing and slicing and cheers to another year!! :)

  2. You're doing more than trying! You did it! It is a hard, some days will be tough, you already know this. There is some sweet satisfaction in getting through the whole month. I'm hoping you can surprise yourself. Good luck and so glad you decided to come back.

  3. Hi Aunt Judy! I find that writing can be very relaxing. For years I kept a journal. I would write an entry each night. I started writing it again each night a couple of months ago and I am still at it. Sometimes the entries are long while other times I just write something along the lines of "I am very tired and I am going to sleep." Best of luck!


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