Sunday, March 31, 2019

SOL 2019 -- Day 31 -- Onward!

SOL story challenge, March 2019
Day 31 -- "Onward!"

Looking back at the titles of my posts from the past month, I thought about my journey during this year's SOLSC challenge. I realized that the titles, as they are in the order they were posted, do a pretty good job of telling the story of how I progressed in writing, and in life, during the month. Here is the list-poem created from the titles: 

Progressing Through March

Here I Am Again!
The Decision
Text Snippets Poetry?

Whole New World
Six Word Stories: The More Things Change....
An Equation Poem
What's Interesting So Far?
Small Gratitudes

March Observations Pi-ku
Looking Out My Window Today -- Pi-ku Poem
Clickety Clackety
PD on Pi Day
Let Spring Break Begin!

Little Cloud
St. Pat's Six Word Memoir
Three Good Things About Yesterday
Thank Goodness for Spring Breaks!
My Evening

21 Observations
The Visit (A Haiku)
Letter to the SOL Writing Community
Grateful Follow-up Letter to the SOL Writing Community
An Inspiration and Some Helicopters

Blazer The Fire Engine Who Was Afraid
Taking time to smell the crocuses
For the Longest Time
Spending the Day With the Grandkids
Words That Have Made Me Click


Explanation of the progression:
I began March rather tentatively, having recently started a new job, and not knowing how much time I would have to write. But I started the SOL challenge anyway. I wrote every day. I reflected on the major changes going on in my life. I experimented with and practiced my writing. I noticed things that were happening around me, and wrote about my observations. I wrote about a memory or two. I was enjoying myself.

Then, about mid-month, I began to doubt myself. I continued to forge on with my writing, but I wondered if my writing was worth reading. I decided to keep writing, but was very confused. In a letter I posted to the SOL writing community, I expressed my dilemma, hoping that maybe someone would reply. If my writing was bad, I wanted to know about it so that I could try to fix it.

The response I got from that letter was overwhelming! I heard from countless others slicers, some with the same problem as me, and many who had helpful suggestions. I received the affirmation (which I needed badly) that my writing wasn't terrible. I received much encouragement that I actually felt embarrassed! I was extremely grateful for the pointers which were given to me and to other 2nd- and 3rd-year slicers; I intend to take all that I learned from that experience and improve myself as a writer, and as a person.

By March 24, no longer worried about whether my writing was "good enough" or not, I continued my writing with new resolve. I noticed and reflected, wondered and reminisced, and learned from other slicers. With this SOL story challenge now ending, I am feeling happy and thankful...happy to have learned so much, and thankful to Two Writing Teachers and the SOL community for another enjoyable experience.

Now, onward!  :-)

JudyK :-)  March 31, 2019


  1. I think it is amazing how when each individual post is written and titled not much thought is given to what titles of future posts will be. But looking back at the end of the challenge and seeing how the different titles fit beautifully into a poem is really neat. Love this idea.

  2. Still wandering around catching a few last posts of our month. I'm amazed how well your titles for the month fit together. And when I read one of these, then there are slices I missed that I want to go back and read.
    Happy and thankful at the end is a good way to feel!


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