Wednesday, March 27, 2019

SOL 2019 -- Day 27 -- Taking time to smell the crocuses

SOL story challenge, March 2019
Day 27 -- "Taking Time To Smell the Crocuses"

We finally got a beautiful, slightly-warmer-than-average, sunny, blue-skied day here in Central Ohio today. It was the kind of day that you wish EVERY day could be during a March spring break in Ohio. (Ha! If only....)

Taking advantage of the nice weather, I decided to clean out the inside of my car...which needed it badly. But first, I wanted to get some pictures of my crocus flowers. The flowers have been in bloom for a while now, but most days recently they've been staying closed up because of the lack of sunshine and warmth. Or on days when they HAVE been open, I haven't been around at the right time to see them open. But today, we had the sunshine and the warmth, and the flowers were wide open and beautiful, and I was around to see them. So, of course, I had to get some pictures:

This is the one where I accidentally knelt on a colony of ants 
while getting this picture....I have a knack for that. ;-)



Then, after I had enjoyed gazing at those beauties for quite a while.... well, then it was on to the car cleaning:


...With intermittent breaks to sit on the glider on my front porch to enjoy my view:

It IS spring break, after all!  :-)

JudyK  :-)  March 27, 2019


  1. LOVE the crocus pics! And the thought of you sitting on the porch in your glider just enjoying the view. Spring Break needs time for days like this.

  2. After a big snowstorm last week, and three days of warm weather this week, our crocuses are out. Like you, I'm loving these signs of spring! Now if I could just get motivated to clean out the car!

  3. So lucky you have Spring Break. The crocus pics are stunning. Enjoy this free time to smell the flowers.

  4. Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful flowers. I'm so excited at these signs of spring!


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