Sunday, March 1, 2020

SOL20 Day 1 -- Creeeeeak! The Door Opens!

Slice of Life Story Challenge 2020 -- Day 1
March 1, 2020
"Creeeeeak! The Door Opens!"

Creeeeeak! The door opens!
I push past the thick cobwebs
To my writing nook.

It is March again.
Slice Of Life has called to me:
"Please come out and play!"

I blow the dust off
Of my sad, neglected blog
And start fresh again.


  ~Cheers to new beginnings!

JudyK -- March 1, 2020


  1. I hear you on my sad, neglected blog. This is so inspiring and such an adrenaline rush and then I lose momentum after April...

    1. I can relate! I usually manage to continue writing a bit in April and May -- and last year even in June! -- before I fizzle out. So I'm trying once again this year! I guess I'm an eternal optimist. ;-)

  2. Yes! Me too... what a great feeling!

  3. It is nice to see your writing again! I look forward to reading more in the coming weeks! -Rosanna


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