Thursday, March 26, 2020

SOL20 Day26 - Unplanned Inspiration

Slice of Life Story Challenge 2020 -- Day 26
March 26, 2020
"Unplanned Inspiration"

These are some texts that I sent to one of my family group text threads today:

12:22 PM -- I'm sitting outside to write this afternoon. Going to enjoy today's sunshine and warmer temperatures while I can! 😎 (Clouds and rain will be moving in later this afternoon.) Here's a view from my back yard swing! 😊 12:29 PM -- Chionodoxa (I hope I spelled it correctly...I'm not taking the time to look it up), more commonly called Glory-of-the-Snow, blooming in my back yard. I'm not sure how their tiny bulbs ended up in my back yard, but they got transported from my front flower bed somehow. Birds? The wind? I don't know; I just enjoy them. 😊 12:36 PM -- I'll get to my writing soon. 😊 But first, one last picture! 😉 This is Kacie, enjoying the sunshine with her chew toy. It's funny...any time I get to within about 10 feet of her, she gets up and moves. She's afraid I'm going to try to steal her chew toy, haha! Either that, or she's practicing her social distancing. 😜
~*~*~ Welllllllllllllllll, I was SO enjoying the spring weather and the communication with my family that I didn't get to my planned writing. I continued to take pictures... My neighbor's flowers Wildflowers (I think?) growing in my back yard ...and I continued to text for quite a while...until I decided to scrap the idea that I WAS going to write about, and go with the writing which I had already done! I love the stories that these texts and pictures tell. When I write, sometimes I just have to go with whatever is inspiring me in that moment! And SPRING seems to be inspiring me today! :-) ************************************************* JudyK March 26, 2020


  1. Hooray for much-needed moments of magic! Spring is very inspiring!

    1. It is, isn't it? I just can't help but be inspired by the wonderful changes that happen in spring! :-)

  2. We are seeing glimpses of spring, but we are really behind. I'm hoping the warmer temps next week help. So, thank you for sharing your spring with me!

    1. I'm glad to have been of service! ;-) It's still pretty early in spring here, but I'm enjoying every little advancement that I see! :-)


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