Thursday, March 19, 2020

SOL20 Day 19 - What Really Happened

Slice of Life Story Challenge 2020 -- Day 19
March 19, 2020
"What Really Happened"

What Really Happened
by Floyd

Honestly, I don't know why my person is so mad. After all, SHE was the one who dared to try to move my leg. Hmmmmmph. I was enjoying a perfectly pleasant nap on her leg, and SHE was the one who decided to move. And just so she could put that glowing white rectangular object on her lap, and tappity-tap on the thing? How ridiculous. How rude.

I don't know why she bothers with that white thing anyway, as if it's more important than *I* am. Hmmmph. What an utterly absurd thought.

And that terrible noise she made....there was absolutely no need for that. That barbaric yell hurt my ears. So graceless. I did not sink my tooth THAT far into her thumb. Her reaction was totally uncalled for.

I've wasted enough time on this foolishness already. I'm going back to my nap.

🐾 Floyd

JudyK (Floyd's Person)   March 19, 2020



  1. Oh my gosh!!! Doesn't he know you need that thumb to tap on your white thing?!?!?! I hope it doesn't hurt tooooo badly!

    This was so cleverly written by Floyd ;-) He should join the writing challenge next year.

    1. Haha, yes, I'll recommend that to Floyd. ;-) My thumb is still quite sore today... and it doesn't help that the sore area is right where my thumb hits the space bar while I type. Do you know how many spaces you have to use when you type? Ouch. ;-)


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