Saturday, March 17, 2018

SOLSC Day17 - Wee Leprechaun

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 17 -- Wee Leprechaun (a limerick)

Having a little fun with my writing today...

There once was a wee leprechaun
Who liked to come calling pre-dawn.
He caused bits of mischief
(But nothing malicious).
Before we awoke he was gone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

JudyK  March 17, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

SOLSC Day16 - Visit From a Leprechaun

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 16 — Visit From a Leprechaun


Leprechaun Haiku
Rainbows, pots of gold,
Leprechauns causing mischief:
Kindergarten fun!

A leprechaun caused quite a bit of excitement in one of the kindergarten classrooms this morning. When I arrived at the room to pick up a student for pull-out tutoring, a bunch of exuberant students rushed to tell me about it.

“Leprechaun, leprechaun!” Bella, who speaks little English, shouted at me.

Other students tried to talk to me all at once and pointed enthusiastically to the trash can by the door. I peered inside and saw many wrappers from snacks.

“A leprechaun was here!” the students were exclaiming. I tried to figure out how the leprechaun and the wrappers were connected, but before I could even begin to understand, the students were pointing to their bathroom and excitedly reporting more leprechaun hijinks.

“He left his hat!” one little voice was calling out.

“In our bathroom!” another proclaimed.

“And he peed in our potty!” Jimmy exclaimed.

“No, Jimmy,” the teacher’s voice interrupted the chaotic conversation, “he did NOT pee in the potty! He just colored the water green.”

I looked at the excited, joy-filled little faces. Whatever that rascally leprechaun had done, it was worth it. 

JudyK  March 16, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

SOLSC Day15 - Today's Smiles

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 15 -- Today's Smiles

It's been a busy week! I had a math training all day today, so my brain is a different kind of tired than my usual school day kind of tired. I sat down with my laptop to write, but my tiredness was making it hard to be inspired. So I resolved to reflect on the day and write about the things made me smile today. I did, and now I'm feeling less tired and more happy. Yay!

Things that brought a smile to my face today:

:-) 1. Interesting math training with colleagues

:-) 2. Great conversations with those same colleagues

:-) 3. Lots of sunshine

:-) 4. Eating lunch out at a restaurant

:-) 5. An after-lunch chocolate mint

:-) 6. A warm afternoon

:-) 7. Ohio State winning in round 1 of the NCAA men's basketball tournament

:-) 8. An overdue errand accomplished

:-) 9. Getting home earlier than usual

:-) 10. A laid-back evening at home

:-) 11. My son-in-law taking my car to get gas for me

:-) 12. My dog's wagging tail

:-) 13. My cat snuggling with me

:-) 14. A paycheck in my bank

:-) 15. The fact that Spring Break will soon be here

What things made YOU smile today?

JudyK  March 15, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SOLSC Day14 - On My Wall

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 14 -- On My Wall

On Day 6 of this challenge, I wrote about a few special items that I keep on my desk at my morning school. These are things that remind me of some special people who have been or are in my life. After I wrote about that, I realized that I have other special items that I keep nearby at school, items that have precious memories associated with them, which makes them special also! These things are hanging on the wall right by my desk.  

I have the usual teacher-y things hanging right there...calendars, schedules, staff room numbers & voicemail numbers, etc....but those aren't the special things I'm talking about. The things I'm talking about most likely won't be seen hanging by any other teacher's desk, because they are things that are special to ME. Someone may have one or two of these particular items hanging by their desk, but not all of them.

Here is what is on my wall:

The large "Teachers Parking Only" sign was given to me about 15 or so years ago by my oldest son and his wife. This sign has hung by my desk in at least four different schools as I've moved around the district. It's usually the first thing I hang up when I'm setting up my classroom or small group room at the beginning of each school year. It reminds me of my son and daughter-in-law, and it reminds me of the various buildings I've taught in.

On the top left is a paper replica of an interstate sign that you might see on the freeway in this area. It was made by my middle son one evening as he sat with friends and doodled with markers. (That son is a self-proclaimed "highway geek", so doodling road signs and maps is common for him.) This little sign reminds me of my middle son and his interests and eccentricities... some of which he inherited from me, to be honest. I can spend hours (literally) absorbed in reading maps.

On the middle left is some of my "Super" paraphernalia, given to me by a friend who is a teacher. We worked together in one of the elementary buildings in this district for about six years, and have become forever friends. The first year that we worked together, she called me "Super Judy" (that is another story for another day) and often gifted me with Superman insignia-related items.  

Right next to the Superman insignia is a small brown paw print. This is something that I had at a previous school, whose mascot was a brown bear. I spent eight years teaching at that school, and all three of my sons had attended that elementary school, so that school was important to me. It will always have a special place in my heart.

At the bottom left are two bookmarks. The left one was given to me by a secretary at one of my schools, after I had lamented that I never received any mail or anything in my mailbox. The sticky-note attached to the bookmark says "Now your mailbox is not empty!" It was so sweet of her to do that; her kindness meant a lot to me. The other bookmark has the starfish story printed on it. That story is one of my favorites. Here's a close-up of the bookmark in case you're not familiar with the story and want to read it:

I've had various other special things on my desk and my wall over the years; these just happen to be the current ones. What do all these items say about me? I don't know. I just enjoy them!


JudyK  March 14, 2018
(Happy Pi Day!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SOLSC Day13 - Second Grade Graffiti

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 13 -- Second grade Graffiti


It started out small...


...a few happy notes created by three second grade girls on my whiteboard in my small group room at my morning school.

For the next few mornings, it grew. It included birthday messages and whimsical little drawings...

...until one morning they decided that they were out of space, so they erased and started anew.

"Mr. Fluffy"

On subsequent days, two other students sometimes joined in, as they all wrote and drew, added to, erased and started again...

"I wish I had wings"

...and again...

...and again.

"This is your rainbow", by one of the girls' 1st grade brother

This has been going on, most mornings, for almost four weeks now. I'm wondering how much longer they will visit, write, and draw. Their bright colorful drawings and good wishes help my days start out great. 

Second grade graffiti is the best!


JudyK   March 13, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

SOLSC Day12 - He Stole Their Hearts - acrostic poem

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 12


I was watching the last few minutes of American Idol earlier tonight, and saw a contestant who had a considerable effect on the judges' hearts... and my heart, too. I was motivated to write this acrostic poem:

                                            David FrancIsco, his smile lighting up the room
                                           on AmericaN Idol
                                                          had Such a beautiful life story
                                               that Katy Perry cried
                                         and Lionel RItchie gave hugs.
               David's smiling fiance ChRistie
                                                      was stAnding nearby
                                      to give supporT, both emotional and
                physical, as she handed hIm his guitar. 
David sang from his heart, and wOn a spot to continue in the competition
                       and then, using his caNes to aid his steps, walked off triumphantly.

JudyK March 12, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

SOLSC Day11 - 11 Things That I Love

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 11 -- 11 Things That I Love

In honor of Day 11 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge, I wanted to make a list of 11 things that I love. I started my list, but there were way too many items on the list, so I decided that I would narrow the list down a little. I took off all the people.....That will be another list for another day. What I am left with is truly a list of THINGS: activities and objects. 

Even after taking people off my list,  it was hard to keep the list to 11 things!  What can I say? There is a lot to love in this world.

So, without further ado, here is my list:


1. Warm, beautiful, not-seen-enough-in-Ohio-during-winter sunshine.

2. Helping children to love learning.

3. Chocolate of almost any type/form.

4. Crafting with paper. I like to make greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, tags, and sometimes mini scrapbooks. Nearly all of them I give away as gifts.

5. Ice cream. There are many flavors to love, so I can't pick just one.

6. Fresh Spring air and Spring flowers. Crocuses, tulips, and daffodils are bright surprises, and lilacs have a wonderfully fragrant scent!

7. Reading. I read many types of books, articles, emails, stories, letters, magazines, newspapers, and maps.

8. The Christmas season, with all its love, warmth, and merriment.

9. Cheese. Colby, cheddar, and Swiss are some of my favorites.

10. Walking in nature...on a beach, in the woods, on a path in a park, around a lake...lots of places....

11. Lazy, structure-free, do-whatever-fun-activity-you-want summer days.

JudyK  March 11, 2018