Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Slice of Life Tuesday - So Many IEPS (three six-word stories)

Slice of Life Tuesday — So Many IEPs (three six-word stories)


So Many IEPs

Writing IEPs continually
Hours on end.

All week long
Writing, writing, writing.

Not finished,
But I’m so done.

JudyK  April 24, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SOL Tuesday - Flutter (an acrostic poem)

Slice of Life Tuesday -- Flutter (an acrostic poem)


Flitting and flying,

Light as a feather,

Unequivocally exquisite,

Truly delicate, with

Tissue-paper wings, and

Eye-catching color:

Resplendent butterfly

JudyK  April 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

SOL Tuesday - Graffiti, The Sequel (a haiku)

SOL Tuesday -- Graffiti, The Sequel (a haiku)

I still have a few 1st and 2nd graders that occasionally visit my small group room first thing in the morning, and they still like to leave their mark. Here is the latest version of their graffiti: 

(Thare is a shark in the water.  But don't worry, you can still hav a happy day!
For some reason, I find this to be quite amusing.)

This latest graffiti inspired me to write a haiku.

Children's Graffiti

Colorful greetings, 

Reflections of whimsy, and 

new passions revealed.

JudyK  April 10, 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

SOL Tuesday -- I Would Rather

SOL Tuesday — I Would Rather

My writing today is inspired by another slicer, Aileen Hower, who wrote that she borrowed the "I would rather" idea from other slicers during the March challenge. (This was Aileen's post today: https://aileenhower.wordpress.com/2018/04/03/i-would-rather/ ).  I enjoyed reading all the other "I would rather" posts during the March SOLSC challenge --- it's such a fun way to get to know a person --- and wanted to try it myself at some point. That "some point" has become today!

So here I go!

I would rather                             Instead of

Stay up late ............................................ Get up early

Clean the bathroom ................................ Do the grocery shopping

Sing ........................................................ Dance

Take a picture ......................................... Be in a picture

Spend time in the sunshine ......................Play in the rain

Be a passenger in a car ........................... Drive a car

Drink water ............................................ Drink pop

Color with colored pencils ...................... Color with markers

Make a card for someone ....................... Buy a card for someone

Eat dinner someone else has made ......... Cook my own dinner

Go to the doctor for a checkup ............... Go to the dentist for a checkup

Wear comfortable clothes ........................ Get all dressed up

Spend a quiet evening at home ................ Go to a party

Enjoy nature outside ................................ Stay inside for long periods of time

Light a candle .......................................... Curse the darkness

JudyK  April 3, 2018

Saturday, March 31, 2018

SOLSC Day31 - Thank You, Two Writing Teachers!


Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 31 — Thank You, Two Writing Teachers!

This is the final day of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge for 2018, and I can’t let the month end without saying thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Two Writing Teachers for providing this opportunity for so many people to share their stories and let their voices be heard!

In my 2nd year participating in the March SOLSC challenge, I have learned so much from all my fellow slicers who have taken the time to share their writing talents, as well as read slices and make comments. The TWT writing community is so positive and supportive, and it has been wonderful to connect with so many amazing people! I can’t let the month end, either, without saying THANK YOU to all of you slicers out there!

Last year, 2017, was my first time completing the March challenge, and when it ended I was thrilled beyond belief about the experience. I continued writing off and on with the Tuesday slicers for a couple of months, and then I stopped. I’m not exactly sure why I stopped, but I did, for nine months. Nine long months without writing in my blog. After a while, I even forgot that I had a blog. This year's March SOLSC has reawakened the writing part of myself, and I am resolving right now to not let 2017’s lapse repeat. I intend to continue writing (not every day most likely, but at least now and then...”Joodles, Now and Then”, get it?) in my blog throughout the year. I want to continue learning and experimenting and gaining confidence in my writing. And if anyone reading this blog right now would like to continue visiting my blog occasionally, I will happily, joyously, enthusiastically welcome you!

As for now, I am elated to celebrate another 31 days of noticing, reflecting, writing, revising, reading, commenting, and learning as part of the SOLSC community. It's been a blast!

With peace and love,
JudyK   March 31, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

SOLSC Day30 - A Morning at the Social Security Office

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 30 — A Morning at the Social Security Office

"Is today Sunday?"

"No, it's Friday."

A husband and wife, both about 70 years old, along with a very elderly woman, about 90, were seated in an office of the Social Security Administration.  I was sitting in the row of seats right behind the threesome, so I couldn't help but overhear some of their conversations. The elderly woman, who I'm guessing was the mother of the other woman, was the one asking the questions.

"Why are we here?" the mother asked.

"Because we need to change our address, " answered the daughter.

"Can't we do that in the mail?"

"Probably. Or maybe in an email," the woman replied, continuing to sit and wait.

I chuckled inwardly at that. If I didn't have to be here in person, if I could just get online to do what I needed to do, I certainly wouldn't be sitting here waiting in this little room with 40 or so other people. 

I looked around the room again. There was an interesting assortment of people, of all colors and walks of life. Some were there by themselves, like I was; some were there with one or more others. I heard different languages being spoken during my waiting time --- Spanish for sure, and what I think may have been Korean. I also saw several people speaking to each other in American Sign Language. 

I gazed at the video monitor on the wall, the one that soundlessly displayed written announcements and showed what number of person was being waited on. There were generally four people being waited on at one time, at different counters. I was number A55; when I had arrived, the number being waited on was in the A30's, and now was up to A40. I was getting closer.

The security officer is NOT authorized to answer Social Security program questions, warned the video monitor. That struck me funny for some reason. I had already had an encounter with the security officer, a young uniformed man who had asked me to move my car only about a minute after I had entered the building. There hadn't been any parking spots when I had arrived, so I had parked over at the far edge of the parking lot....not a legal spot, but not in the way of anyone who needed to come and go.  Or so I thought. "No," the young officer had explained to me, "I can't let you park there." So I had gone out to move my car into a spot which thankfully had just opened up.

Received a phone call from a psychic that promised wealth, health, or happiness? questioned the words on the video monitor, Don't fall for scams....  I shook my head. A psychic? How bizarre. But I knew that too many older people did fall for scams. Such a shame that they had to be warned about such things.

"Is today Sunday?" The older woman was questioning her daughter again.

"No," the daughter replied patiently, "It's Friday."

When disaster strikes, paper checks can't be delivered. Switch to direct deposit. advised the monitor.  Hmmm, I thought, that's sound advice.  I never thought about that before. I made a mental note to make sure that I sign up for direct deposit for my Social Security checks, whenever that day comes.  I thought about the disaster situation again. Yes, direct deposit would be a really good idea in that situation. Unless it's a REALLY big disaster and the banks get wiped out also. Hmmmm. Sometimes I think too much.

"We don't have our Social Security cards with us." The woman was now speaking to her husband.

"We don't have our Social Security cards with us?" the husband echoed calmly.

"I don't know if we even HAVE cards, do we?" the woman asked. There was no stress in her voice, no panic.

"We'll probably have to go through the whole process to get new ones," the husband noted. 

I was amazed at their matter-of-fact attitude. I would have been in a tizzy, worrying about whether I needed my card, whether I even had a card. I would have been thinking about all the trouble I'd have to go through to get a replacement card. But not these people. They barely moved a muscle and just waited serenely. Whew, maybe I needed to be more like them.

The woman spoke again. "Let's move over to the last seats in the row so we can be closer." They wanted to be sure to hear when their number was called. The husband got up to retrieve the mother's walker, and they all proceeded to settle in to new seats. I turned my attention to something else.

The voice of the very elderly woman interrupted my thoughts. "What are we doing here?" she asked her daughter.

"We're going to change our address," came the gentle answer.

I smiled to myself. Bless their hearts.

JudyK  March 30, 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

SOLSC Day29 - Sunshine/Rain (A Diamonte Poem)

Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 29 -- Sunshine/Rain (A Diamonte Poem)

I haven't tried writing much poetry since last March's SOLSC, when I explored quite a few forms. I decided to try my hand at it again today, working with the diamonte poem. 

First, I had to refresh my memory as to the structure of a diamonte poem:


Diamante: seven-line poem that takes the shape of a diamond.

Diamantes are poems about opposites: the first and last words have opposite meanings (or convey opposite ideas).

 A diamante has seven lines that follow this sequence:
Line A: Topic A (must be a noun)
Line B: Two vivid adjectives that describe Topic A
Line C: Three interesting “-ing” action verbs that describe Topic A
Line D: Two concrete nouns about Topic A and two about Topic G
Line E: Three interesting “-ing” action verbs that describe Topic G
Line F: Two vivid adjectives that describe Topic G
Line G: Topic G (must be a noun)


I like the way that the diamonte poem starts with one thing, and ends with the opposite. It's thought-provoking and fun to think of opposite word pairs, and it's challenging to come up with descriptive words that feel right. So with my memory refreshed, here is today's attempt:


Brilliant, hazy
Warming, beating, burning
Energy, nourishment; nourishment, hydration
Pounding, drenching, sprinkling
Beneficial, misty

I enjoy this form of poetry, and will probably write more diamonte poems in the future. They're fun!

JudyK  March 29, 2018