Thursday, March 25, 2021

SOLSC21 - Day 25 - Depending On When You Met Me


Slice of Life Story Challenge 2021 -- Day 25
March 25, 2021
"Depending On When You Met Me "

I was hoping that Leigh Anne from "A Day in the Life" was going to host a slicer party again this year during the March challenge, and I was not disappointed! On March 15, she issued an invitation to all slicers (click here to see it!), and tonight I am happily accepting and joining the party!

The requirement to attend the party this year is for each slicer to bring his or her "ID"...a introduction written in the form of this mentor text:

“Depending On When You Met Me” by Devon Gundry, Soul Pancake

Depending on when you met me, I might have been: a checker’s champion, the kid who squirted Super Glue in his eye, a competitive Ping-Pong player, Tweedle Dum, a high school valedictorian, a fake blond, 1/12 of an all-male a capella group, a graduate of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering, a nomad, a street musician, or a pigeon assassin.

I am so excited to be joining the party! So here, without further ado, is my ID:

"Depending On When You Met Me" by JudyK

Depending on when you met me, I might have been: an Ohio native, a middle child, a Girl Scout, a shy skinny girl wearing braces, a high school marching band flutist, a collector of bells, a Red Cross Youth Club member, an Explorer Boy Scout, a college student working summers in grocery stores, a procrastinator, a graduate of Miami University, a first-year elementary school teacher and newlywed, a person who loves being in the outdoors, a stay-at-home-mom of three, an enthusiastic school volunteer, a Boy Scout leader, a person with ADD, a divorced mom of three, a mother-in-law, an elementary school Intervention Specialist, a Home Care Worker for young adults with Developmental Disabilities, a paper crafter, a GED teacher in a men's prison, a middle school Intervention Specialist, or a grandmother of ten.

You may notice that my ID is a just a tad on the long side, but I think I can justify that by saying that I have been around for quite a few years. Quite a few, haha.

So, let's party! 😊

JudyK  :-)   March 25, 2021


  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for joining the party! We have a few commonalities: Girl Scout, flute player, stay at home mom!Your work with the men's prison intrigues me. I think that would be such fulfilling work. I have often thought about writing with women in prison but have never looked into it. It was fun reading more about you, Judy!

    1. Thank you, Leigh Anne! Teaching in prison was fulfilling in a lot of ways....I enjoyed that experience. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  3. The "Depending on when you met me" is really a fun idea. Mine would be even longer. :(


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