Tuesday, March 30, 2021

SOLSC21 - Day 30 - 5-4-3-2-1 Enjoying Spring


Slice of Life Story Challenge 2021 -- Day 30
March 30, 2021
"5-4-3-2-1 Enjoying Spring"

I've seen slicers use the 5-4-3-2-1 format for writing before, and thought today might be a good day for me to try it, since it's warm enough for me to sit outside (enjoying Spring!) to write this afternoon.

With the 5-4-3-2-1 format, you write about:
5 things that you can see.
4 things that you can hear.
3 things that you can feel.
2 things that you can smell.
1 thing that you can taste.


"Enjoying Spring"

I see grass that is starting to green up, some spots more successfully than others.
I see hazy, blue skies broken up by wispy, white clouds.
I see my neighbor's spring flowers blossoming at the side of their house, small purple wildflowers amongst yellow daffodils and gorgeous salmon-colored tulips.
I see blue chionoxa (Glory of the Snow) --- their tiny bulbs having been carried far from their flower bed by the wind --- blooming in my yard.
I see my dog Kacie lying on her side in a sunny spot in the yard, soaking up the sunshine, a temporarily ignored chew toy on the ground by her paws.


I hear a vehicle driving by on the street next to my house, the sound of the engine fading away into the distance.
I hear the wind gusting through the tree branches above my head.
I hear a dog barking somewhere in the neighborhood. (Kacie is too drowsy to stir).
I hear birds of all kinds ---some near, some far --- chirping and singing in trees and from other high perches.


I feel the coolness of the strong wind blowing on me, while at the same time the sun warms me.
I feel the hard wooden swing beneath me, making me stiff and telling me that I must change position soon.
I feel the soft golden fur and the cool wet nose of Kacie as she comes by the swing to check on me.


I smell the clean, fresh outdoor air.
I smell the slightly damp earth under my swing.


I taste the cool spring water from the bottle I brought outside with me.


Ahhh, what a wonderful way to enjoy Spring!

JudyK  :-)  March 30, 2021


  1. I can almost feel/hear/see/smell/taste your spring day. And thanks for the "slice" idea. I may need it tomorrow, or definitely next year.


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