Tuesday, March 9, 2021

SOLSC21 - Day 9 - Future Artifacts


Slice of Life Story Challenge 2021 -- Day 9
March 9, 2021
"Future Artifacts "

I was watching the news on tv a few minutes ago, and the station I was tuned to had a teaser of a story which they said they would discuss after a commercial break. The story was something about how museums would have artifacts of this pandemic time period we're living in. I was instantly intrigued!

That was a reminder for me that, yes, this pandemic IS a period of history that students will learn about in history class some day. We are living that history now. When you really take time to think about it, that is rather mind-boggling.

Unfortunately, I actually missed the story that the tv station had been advertising, so I don't know what they were going to say. But I couldn't help continuing to wonder about it. What would museums classify as important enough to be an artifact?

This was my first thought:

A few of the masks that I wear daily


Masks HAVE TO be pandemic items that a museum would consider to be artifacts! We couldn't go about our daily lives right now without masks. Masks have been so much a part of our lives for this past year (and will continue to be for a little while, at least) that they have to be included. Other items will qualify as artifacts eventually, I'm sure, but if I had to choose one right now, masks would be my pick.

I guess someday (hopefully in the very near future!) I'll go visit a museum of history to see if I'm right!

JudyK  :-)  March 9, 2021


  1. A picture of either black squares or a brady bunch of people just staring off into nothing. Zoom is the best and the worst.

  2. Clorox wipes or any other type of disinfectant wipe.

    1. Also a good nomination! We'll never look at those in the same way, will we? ;-)


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